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Тема: Installation guideline of concrete mixer

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    Installation guideline of concrete mixer

    To install a concrete batching plant correctly is very important to productivity of concrete batching plant. Here are some installation steps to install a concrete batching plant.
    (1) Installation of finished material adhesive tape conveyor Expand finished material adhesive tape conveyor at its bends and then put frame on the base. Next, link legs with conveyor as well as the bracing piece and lifting lug. Thirdly, lift the front of conveyor and like legs and bracing piece well. Finally, fasten anchor bolt of legs well.Powder grinding equipments mainly include raymond pulverizer,high strength pulverizer,micro powder,patent mill,bucket elevator and belt conveyor,etc.
    (2) Installation of host and powder batching system Sling the rack of host and put it on the base. Then fasten its anchor bolt.
    (3) Installation of storage bin Sling storage bin and rise up legs. Link walking board, ladder and storage bin well.
    (4) Installation of aggregate dosing machine sling aggregate dosing machine to put it on the base. Link blank as well as heightening plate and blank. Next, expand aggregate conveyor. Link rack to make motorized pulley align cover hole center of concrete mixer. Finally, fasten anchor bolt.
    Concrete mixer is the certain proportion of sand, stone, cement and water material mixing into a uniform to meet the quality requirements of concrete machinery. According to the principle of concrete mixer mixing different it can be divided into since the fall type and strong system two kinds big.
    Since the fall type concrete mixer is suitable for the mixing of plastic concrete. Forced mixer mixing effect than from falling mixer strong, appropriate mixing dry concrete and lightweight aggregate concrete.
    Concrete batching plant supervisor play a very important role in normal operating of concrete batching plant. Therefore, the responsibility of supervisor must be specific.
    Enterprise that produce commercial concrete should have seven following departments: equipment department, business department, technology department, product department, general affairs office, financial department and logistics department. All this departments have more than 20 position, including supervisor, engineer, accountant and so on. Here are some detailed responsibilities of supervisors.
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    As gravel tools manufacturing experts, Shanghai Zenith adhere to technological innovation to promote the green economic system, training environmental philosophy.it is not only utilized in the process of development waste, but in addition in Raymond mill and artificial sand production,the emergence from the gadget brings fantastic financial and social advantages.

    Raymond mill new manufacturing engineering, efficiently created a large dress in resistance, large toughness of chromium , molybdenum, vanadium alloy solve the problem of fragmentation of difficult supplies , bettering the lifestyle from the machine as a whole.


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