Impact type sand maker (оборудование для производства песка)is a highly efficiency crushing machine that can save energy and materials. This equipment uses the high-speed rotational inertia and the friction of the materials to crush the materials, so it is suitable for the coarse and fine crushing of super hard, medium hard and corrosive materials. In the mining market, the impact type sand maker remains invincible in the market competition with its excellent technical performance and quality.
The maximum feeding granularity of the impact type sand maker must be in accordance with the stipulated granularity in the technical performance parameter table of the machine, and it is forbidden to feed the materials bigger than the stipulated granularity into the crusher. The maximum water content of the materials to be crushed should be below 20% and the rocks that are washed by the ore washer can be directly fed into the sand maker. The granularity of the final discharged products is related to the physical property of the minerals and the feeding granularity. When the rocks are very easy to crush and the feeding granularity is small, the qualified rate of the product granularity will be high. In addition, changing the speed of the impeller can also adjust the product granularity. When the granularity of the final discharged products is not bigger than 10mm, the qualified rate will be 60%~90%. What is more, the impact sand maker can also be used for coarse grinding, and when the feeding granularity of the crusher is 2~8mm, the discharging granularity can reach 0.149~0.92mm.
The installed power of the impact type sand maker can be set within a range according to the physical property of the materials and the output of the crusher.
Anyway, the unique structure and performance features of the impact type sand maker make it have high working capacity and become a powerful competitor in the market competition.
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