Vibration is a basic movement form in the nature and the vibration theory has developed for a long time in the macro field of mechanical engineering. The vibration do not appear in daily life or production practice in a singular and passive character that often coexists with nose and impact any longer, on the contrary, with the further research on the application of vibration, it is known, accepted and used by people in a dialectic way and turns the harm into a benefit and brings benefit to the mankind. So it can be predicted that the effective utilization of vibration will increase with the development of scientific research and production practice.
The industrial development in our country is very fast and large-sized mine engineering projects are also increasing, which require more and more large-sized screening machines; and at the same time, the requirement for the efficiency and precision of screening is also constantly increasing. This brings not only a lot of opportunities for the development of screening equipment, but many challenges. For this reason, the automation, large size, high efficiency and energy conservancy of vibrating screen(круглый вибрационный грохот ) equipment has become an important topic in the future research in the vibrating screen equipment industry.
The 2YAC2460 super-heavy vibrating screen researched and developed by Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd has been gradually promoted in the market. In order to be more suitable for screening large-sized materials and improve the production capacity of the vibrating screen when classifying medium and small-sized materials, this machine is a newly designed screening machine. This series of vibrating screen is mainly used in coal, metallurgy, mining, power generation, building material industry, water conservancy project, light industry and chemical industry, especially suitable for classifying coal, rocks and coke and other bulk materials with high processing quantity and high screening efficiency.
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